Who We Are

ALL community members who appreciate music, along with students, parents/guardians, family members and friends are valued members of the Music Boosters. We provide moral and financial support to the South Kingstown music programs. Our goal is to encourage, support, and maintain an enthusiastic interest in the various musical opportunities in South Kingstown public schools.

How You Can Help!

Volunteer in whatever manner best suits your interests and schedule. Never underestimate the difference that even a small contribution can make. Some volunteer opportunities include: concert greeters and donation collectors, field trip chaperones, marching band parade support, fundraising event volunteers, and assisting with managing the music library. 

Thank You!

On behalf of the SK Music Boosters officers, thank you to all who have helped to this year a success. From volunteering at events, financial support, participating in meetings, and attending performances, your contributions make a difference to music in SK and we thank you.

Quote From Sarah Robbins

As of March 2015 I am a senior at South Kingstown High School in Southern Rhode Island, as well as an Ambassador in Girl Scouts of Southern New England Troop 113. This webpage you can  link  to  is the product of my Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest award you can earn in Girl Scouting and the equivalent earning Eagle Scout rank in Boy Scouting. 
The arts, and specifically the arts programs at my school, are one of the most important things in my life. The ultimate purpose of a Gold Award is to create something sustainable and impactful. So I created a website, one that can last forever and continue to be updated past my involvement, one that concerns a subject very close to many people’s hearts, and one that is full of personal stories and interviews.
What I have told people time after time is that this project is meant to encourage more funds being allocated for the art programs at South Kingstown High School. That is a highly simplistic answer. My goal with this project is to prove that high school arts programs are worth funding, and are just as important as standard subjects, and just as important as the athletic programs who never seem to have trouble being funded.


Quote from Sarah Robbins (Continued)

And yes, in theory, I could raise funds myself. But that is what I call a “band-aid solution” – meaning that it does not get to the root of the problem: that schools do not believe arts programs hold just as much importance as sports or core subjects. So if I gather money, even a very large amount of money, that money will run out, and the original problem remains. This is more than a money problem; it is a culturalproblem.

There are many studies, scholarly articles, scientific findings, that prove the arts to be beneficial in a school environment, and often show artistically inclined students are the most academically successful students. But to create a project with an impact means more than copying and pasting fun facts onto a website.

So to prove that the arts programs in high schools have beneficial effects on everyone involved, I have collected the stories of South Kingstown High School students, graduates, and teachers, highlighting their experiences in the Art Department and how they have grown and changed because of their involvement. I hope that through personal narrative, it becomes really apparent how vital the arts programs truly are.

Link to Sarah Robbins’ Girl Scout Project: skhsneedsart.tumblr.com/aboutthisproject